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Liner Notes: 

A song about a boy that likes a girl who likes girls.

I have A LOT of musical touches I'd like to put to this, but for now I thought I'd just strip it down to it's bare minimum and just accentuate the specific sounds I heard in my head. My vocals aren't all that great; the point was to get the rough draft out and then come back to it later.

How I did it:
Recorded and mixed with Studio One Professional
Drum Programming: Studio One Brazilian drum kit
Additional percussion: Sample library
Keyboard bass with CLA plugin
Keyboard Sax and trumpet
Guitar: Squire with CLA plugin fx
Vocals: Me
Mic: Shure SM7B


Chapter 2 and I'm still chasing U
What is it about U that makes me want U so much?
It's almost an obsession, an exercise in futility
No matter - I still want U
is that wrong?

Kiss me like she does when U make love
Give me the reason not 2 stay if it's her U're thinking of
Touch me with a passion expressed only by her
Tell me all her deep blue joys without saying a word
Can't U see I want U just as much as she?
So please, baby, give in 2 this and make love 2 me
How does she make U scream her name with no axe 2 grind
The spot that makes your love come down is not that hard 2 find
Love me like she does...

Tell me the deepest secrets she shares with U in bed
R they shocking? Scandalous - those things that she says
Caress me like she does when U're alone
Give me the crave of your love 4 her when she's not at home
Love me like she does I want 2 know how it feels
And if it's all U say it is then I won't try 2 steal
Love me like she does I've just got 2 know
All the ways her love displays how much she loves U so
Love me like she does...

If U'd just take my eyes and see from point of view
U'd see I could satisfy if I made love 2 U
Now I'm not saying I'm better
I'm saying I can do it 2
So why don't U love me - love me like she do?

I can't make U love me but at least would U try
I want so badly 2 give 2 U this passion I have inside
What can I do 2 make U see it's true
I can make U see the colors that she makes U do
Kiss me like she does U when U make love
Give me the reason not 2 chase if it's her U're thinking of
Love me like she does...

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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What a great Latin song! That beat is so great and the writing and -all of it-I'm impressed!

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i hear more of prince in this than any latino influence. the percussion, even though there is a latin rhythm, is closer to sheila e than anything i have heard down here in south america, and that is not a criticism, because i like prince a lot more than most latin musc..and this is a damn fine song about the problem of attraction to certain people who are magnetized in another direction. i used to front a bant with a girlwho was gay and there was a lot of sexua energy in our performances together..but i never tried to transfer that intothe bedrom because what was happening on stagewas hot enough for me. although i sometimes wonder what might have happened had i propositioned her. probably a good thing i didnt.

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Reading the lyrics...nice intro..yeah the first verse explains a lot. Second verse solid like the first. Bridge now...yeah, not sure I could say it but I probably would be thinking this. Third verse is good. Ok, I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice groove...vocals clear. Change up...touch of sax...vocals are good. Looking like she does...nice. Love me like she drums...nice finish. Yeah, this is great...another good one.

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a super groove, and very sticky jelly-- tell me when the sequel posts!!!

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Bill mentions Sheila E (who I love) and that is definitely the vibe I get.
Nice change up at 1:32!
Your instrumentation is always super tight; love the horns as always - great hits throughout.
That bass is killing.
Unique concept for the lyrics!
This just has a great groove all around.

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Yup this is real good. So much going on! Needs multiple listen yet catchy to get inside your head. Love the subtle use of some instruments.

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Oh this has a wonderful beat and I love how the different sections evolve as well as your well place use of spoken word versus sung lyrics. You are a master at creating captivating music and your lyrics draw me right in!

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I love all things Latin! This is such a cool groove with some R&B mixed in. “You make me feel like dancing - gonna dance the night away.”

I love hand drums; don't get used enough today; nice groove.

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I'm intrigued by the chords in the bridge, would like to know what you're playing there if you wrote it down or remember!

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I always love your music and production--no, actually envy is the word. So cool to listen to. But then your characters are always so interesting, and they often are fearless about revealing themselves. Writing that is bold and with a deep groove.

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The vocal emotes the yearning and pleading and the beat and music just keeps it hopeful, this was great to listen to!

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What a groovin' good time. Sets the toe tapping, the head bopping, and I'm ready to go out and party at the club all night long while this plays and the sweaty crowd dances along! Biggrin

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Great groove and that saxophone sound really adds a lot of soul punch. I like latin rhythms when they are used sparingly to color and spice things up like you've done here. ( The orginal latin rhythms are too difficult and full of syncopation for a cold-blooded Finn ). Interesting lyrics too. I've met some really attractive women like that, mostly very feminine and...yeah!... but no...and that's ok. Smile

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I'm digging that rhythm, latin feel. But the rhythm in your vocal, the phrasing and delivery pull off the lyric with ease. Your lyrical perspective is pretty unique and the "love me like she does" hook works so well. I like the arrangement, too. Some good instrumentation, especially for "getting the idea down."