(Messing with Your) Mind

(Messing with Your) Mind

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Liner Notes: 

First song with lyrics for this year. Back-to-basics synthpop.

(Changed song title so that it made more sense)


Anti-social media
Has got you hooked
You can't tear your eyes away from
Your facebook

Something slipped inside
And it's messing with your mind

Your Twitter bubble is
A toxic brew
Reinforcing prejudices
Especially for you

Messages designed
To realign your mind


Here we go again
They're playing in your brain
Messages designed
To realign your mind
Something slipped inside
And its messing with your mind

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LOL! Good job on capturing these hideous times on “social” media. I got off all of it. Nice synth!

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This is very well done. With just a few well-picked synth sounds you've managed to make a perfectly full demo. In fact, this re-enforces the message of the lyrics by emphasizing the drumbeat, which now gets a slightly robotic feel, a musical analog to all the "brainwashed" people marching all around the world.

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I quite enjoyed this swell minimalistic techno-dystopia track. It's bouncy and poppy but also sinister; just like the insidious technology that's taking over our minds and lives!

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Hypnotic and catchy. Would work as an instrumental with the way your vocal matches the synth lines. I like the smooth directness of your voice - putting down some heavy lines with sweetness. Good one!