Fashionably Late (Arrival)

Fashionably Late (Arrival)

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Liner Notes: 

Traditional instrumental opening track

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I really enjoyed this one. I like the way the edgy background plays with the more soothing piano melodies. That's a nice change of pace at the 2:19ish mark. I could see you building things back up in the extended remix

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Subtle touches throughout, driving rhythm using the kick and snare pattern with that triplet hihat.
Makes me contemplative, subdued.
There's some intrigue and chill in the melodies and sound choices. Its as if just as I'm lulled into comfort and coziness, a minor is played and it makes me alert again. Dunno if that makes sense lol
Nice track regardless!

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Ah, your first post this year. Nice. That "modulated" synth catches the ear immediately. Lots of cool sounds. The melody in the ending section has a lonely quality but it's very peaceful too. I like it. Good stuff and a bonza song!

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Boom boom boom clap - love it! Quite catchy and then a change-up with piano. Cool!

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So dramatic, like something from the soundtrack to a moody Italian post-apocalyptic film from the 80s. Spare but forceful, this is full of tension and fun! Nicely done!

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Wonderful layering and timbre selection. It's both relaxing and a little bit sinister. I especially like when the breathy wind sound comes in at about 2:30.