One giant leap

One giant leap

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Liner Notes: 

I saw there was a challenge to write something about Apollo 11, that first landing on the moon, fifty years ago as i write this.

Came up with the lyric fairly quickly, (having just seen the 'new' documentary 'Apollo 11' which showed that old-fashioned control room in Houston, the Lunar Module in space, and the rest.... and yes, i was nine and remember seeing it on tv.

weird live recording- me playing (not too well) an old casio keyboard with an ancient speaker, singing live over that while playing and recording the whole thing with my iphone, then importing into audacity and adding some compression and echo. Wanted a little bit of an 'outer space' sound and this seemed like it shouldn't be a more conventional guitar song.

i'm not much of a keyboard player, as you can tell.


Fifty years ago there was a big room
full of white shirts, ties, and ashtrays
blinking primitive computer displays
part of the ‘space race’

Fifty years ago there was a funny shaped thing
With antennas, two windows and four legs
Holding two humans like a fragile gold egg
heading for tranquility base

Coming in for a landing,
Looks rocky and the fuel’s running short
Should we land or should we abort
they landed just fine

Open the hatch, down the ladder
for mankind one giant leap
I saw it on tv, then I fell asleep
I was nine years old at the time

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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ohhhh this is quite excellent! great lyrics and story. I can hear the potential for some pretty epic instrumentation.

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great lead in! well told story - and that is how it was - could almost be Beatlish!!

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Really great song.
I love your lyrics.
That Casio really does make this tune special.
It almost sounds like a Mellotron on "flutes" setting.
A real sense of tension here.
Your "live" approach really works.
Well done!

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Great work Mike! I love the keyboard to set the mood and tone of the story! You do an awesome job of detailing the story in your lyrics! Nice take on the Apollo challenge!