Ass Moon

Ass Moon

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Liner Notes: 

The other day, as my daughter and I watched the full moon, we talked about how full moons often have such romantic and poetic names. Well, why not "Ass Moon"? Bold and vivid and maybe even evocative. And deserving of a song.
No disrespect at all, I hope, to the anniversary of the Apollo landing. And my second moon song this 50/90.


I gaze at the moon
It gazes back
Something’s different … it has a crack!
Astronomical circumstance
The moon don’t wear no cosmic pants!

Ass moon, oh it’s the ass moon
Shining down – guiding the tide
Ass moon, oh the ass moon
Ain’t got nothing to hide

Can’t deny, can’t pretend
Looks just like a big rear end
Each full moon got its own name
Why not one more, what’s the shame?

Ass moon, oh it’s the ass moon
Big and bold and on the rise
Ass moon, oh it’s the ass moon
If you can’t appreciate it, cover your eyes

Ass moon, oh it’s the ass moon
Free from any belt that binds
Ass moon, oh it’s the ass moon
King of all cosmic behinds

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So the moon was mooning Earth, eh? Funny lyric and the ukulele is the right instrument for this song.

oneslowtyper's picture

LMAmO(Laughing My AssMoon Off) - I almost choked on my beer, Chip!
This has such a Frank Zappa feel to it, maybe that's why I like it so much.

Fuzzy's picture

Wonderful uke playing.
Hilarious lyrics for sure.
Well thanks; from now on every time I see a full moon I'm gonna be calling it the "Ass Moon". Sad

OdilonGreen's picture

Terrific, catchy chorus! And just tremendous fun throughout, with the upbeat uke matching the silliness of the words perfectly. Nice!