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Liner Notes: 

i only did one take of this so there are a few vocal flubs and weird audio problems. i got two new pet rats the other day and i am trying to not make too much noise while they settle in, but thought i'd quickly get a song down to get myself into the swing of things

the one thing you can guarantee with this song is that if your name is sophie, it's not about you


Sophie, I’m trying to explain what you’re doing to me
Sophie, cause nothing stays the same
I get a little bit impatient when it starts to rain
I take what I need and throw the rest away

Sophie, it’s really not too hard to understand
And to be honest, I’ve given you a head start
Should just be a matter of minutes
But you’re way over par
Sophie, don’t know how much longer I can last

When you find your depth
Go figure

Sophie, here we are again
And I don’t know if a
Sophie, anything has ever been so plain
And everyone keeps saying
That you don’t know how to play the game
It’s so obvious
Sophie, it's driving me insane

When you find your depth
Come play

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I just realized I really like the name Sophie. Nice vocals - really nice! And your statement that if your name is Sophie this song is not about you. This is all so seductive, I’m writing a story in my head. Love it!

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incredibe guitar sound. i really like the rythms and changes as well. i also like the way you place the name Sophie at th beginning of certain lines. nice ending with the vocal dynamics and morrissylike la la las

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This is quite lovely Smile My daughter is called Sophie, and yes, the name does really roll off the tongue. You can't help but write a song about her !

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I love your rhythmic sense, and your vocal phrasing dancing around the guitar like you do. Watchlisting you after hearing both this and ‘Recommending Mice for Beginners’ and hoping for more to come.

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Your strong, insistent rhythm keeps this moving along. The lyric is clear and just ambiguous enough to hold my attention without wandering into the abstract. It's a well written tune and most certainly a keeper. Good work.

This is lovely! I love how dynamic the rhythm is, both in the guitar and in the delivery of the lyrics, it just really captures my attention the whole way through and keeps everything interesting. This chord progression is really pretty, too. Awesome work, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Great song, good strong vocal, and cracking guitar work!

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Love the sound that guitar is giving off.
Great voice, man.
Digging the delivery.
Saw Dave Matthews in your influences and that's the kind of vibe I got here, but def your own thing here.
Just has a great catchiness to the melody and the rhythm you're creating with the guitar sounds so good to the ears. The "la la la"s add a great uniqueness and character.
Pet mice, eh? That's actually quite cool.
To this as a one-take...much respect, man! Sounds better than some 'finished' recordings out in the world, that's for sure.