Doggone Hot Blues

Doggone Hot Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy wrote the lyrics, Phil did the music and demo.

Missouri is in a heatwave. Yesterday the temp was 97 with a heat index of 111 so I thought I'd write about it.


Doggone Hot Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I'm sweatin' buckets
I'm pourin' outta every pore
I've known many a hot day
But ain't seen it like this before

I'm surely miserable
Honey, I can't catch my breath
If I don't get cooled down
I'm gonna burn to death

They're sayin' it on the radio
They're tellin' it on the news
My whole town's got
The doggone hot blues
We got the doggone hot blues

I'm wantin' a lake or a pool
Cause even my hair is drippin'
I'm gonna pour over my ice tea
Cause I'm way past any sippin'

Repeat chorus

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Definitely bluesy. Love the instrumental verse a lot. Great lyrics by Cindy. Not quite as hot as all that here but I can still dig it!

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It really is very hot here in Missouri. Of course, it's gonna get hotter before the end of summer. Almost enough to give me the blues... hey!!! I really liked the lead tone and playing after the second verse. It sounded very good.

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As good as the blues gets! Nice collab, you two. I've had my AC off for a couple of hours recording vocals (I live near DC--no relation to AC...heh-heh), and it's hotter than heck in my bedroom "studio". Nice guitar solo here, Phil! Great lyrics as always, Cindy.

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Heat like this slows you down, exhausts you, makes you sleepy. That's how this sounds. Hot and muggy.
That iced tea line! hahahaahahahahaha!
Good stuff all!

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Hot weather and blues, that's a classic combination. I can just hear the sweat dripping from Phil's forehead while he sings this.
Nice title and good use of the "doggone giving a moisty blues feel to the lyrics. When you can't breathe, well that's hot. Very cool collab! Smile

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Hi, first, you want to talk about hot weather....we're over 100 every single day here in Nevada. Actually, I heard about the heatwave that hit the midwest a week or two ago. I feel for you too. Ok, so here we go.

Looking at the lyrics...nice opening verse. More excellence in the second verse. Good rhymes. Chorus's great. Last verse...nice. Great job on this Cindy! Ready for the audio now...hold. Sounds blues for sure...vocals now...sounds good. Nice guitar and keys. Yeah, the doggone hot blues. Guitar solo now....sounds great. Loving these lyrics and vocal performance. Yeah, I like it a lot. Well done...both. I can certainly relate to this message. It just never ends here in Nevada. See you soon.

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A lyric that was made for Phil to sing. This is pretty doggone good.