Sunset Over Mountains

Sunset Over Mountains

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Liner Notes: 

I'm knocking over a couple of songs while I have the chance today. I'm back doing one of my things, which is to play chords over a drone note. In this case, it's E. Both the guitars and the bass get a turn at doing the descending pattern.


It's a long day on the road
We started out at dawn
And now the sunset falls
Behind the mountains

We rest our weary feet
And we watch the fiery sky
A last display of light
Before the dark of night

We watch the sunset
Over mountains

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Wickedly cool! Love what you're doing here!

Great aggressive sound - this one woke me up faster than a triple espresso. There are some nice little tweaks going on in the back of the production that really let it fly, too. This could easily have come back for another couple of minutes and I'd have lapped it up.