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Liner Notes: 

I'm living in the Hudson Valley and this is a description of what I see at night. I'm wowed by how many stars I can see and the fireflies remind me of elves. This is another reminder to slow down and appreciate this life. These moments are fleeting and it's easy for me to get caught up in the to-do lists and other obligations.

I recorded this in the staff space on campus so you can hear my friend doing yogic breathing in the background. There is someone doing tree work too. Usually, I've been doing just a voice and guitar one-take but I wanted to add a harmony track too.


Look up at the sky
Filled with stars
And know
You’re never alone
Even on the darkest night
There is light

A breeze through the trees
Rustles the leaves
And brushes against
Your skin
The world is alive
And breathing
As you breathe

There is peace
There is love
There is peace
There is love

Between the branches
The fireflies
Blink and wink
at you
You are seen, you are worthy,
You are loved as you are
Not for the things you do

Hear peepers in the reeds
Croak their tunes
For you
So listen close
When songs fill the air
It’s easy to forget you’re even there

There is peace
There is love
There is peace
There is love

You’re one and the same
With all that changes
Though our bodies wear away
Our souls remain

Each moment is a blessing
If we let in the lesson
And dwell in the question
It’s clear to see

There is peace
There is love
There is peace
There is love
Bless the skies above
And the ground we stand on
We are held
We’re enough
There is peace
There is love

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Gorgeous, gorgeous vocals! Works well with the lyrics, harmony, and chord changes. Very nice imagery, too! I'm feeling so peaceful...

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lovely exposition of the wonders of the natural world,,,sung and played to reflect the beauty in the lyric,

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You are moved by the stars and it shows. I'm moved by your song. It is so beautiful, gentle, loving and magical! What a gorgeous voice and playing. Life is beautiful when we hear your song. Thank you for the magical moment. It is a very special skill to create such beautiful, hypnotic song which has a very thought thoughout structure and every detail is working on every level. Loving your harmonizations and the atmosphere.

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Yup the stars can bring out the best. I share a beautiful view. Lovely tribute to it!

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I think we speak the same language! So glad you swung by...gave me the opportunity to be introduced to your music and I think I'll be listening in from now on!

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I love the Hudson Valley. Most beautiful place in the world as far as I'm concerned, though I live a little too far south for the stars these days, sadly. I love the details... the peepers I associate with my childhood and going on walks with my dad. The fireflies this year are mad. And soon enough it will be the best time of year... autumn! This makes me think of all the reasons I love it here. It also reminds me of Pete Seeger, and my friend Rick, who wrote River that Flows Both Ways.

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That was gorgeous. So singable! Every word just fell into place.

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Love it. The sentiments, the progression, and your vocals are absolutely gorgeous. Came here thanks to the recommendations thread and well, that was a great call! Watchlisted.

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Very nice arrangement. Great vocals and takes me there. Nice work.