Insomniac's Epiphany

Insomniac's Epiphany

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Liner Notes: 

I had terrible insomnia last night. Eventually I stopped trying and then this thought occurred to me so I wrote a round. If I were to re record it, I might do something to bring out the second verse more, or get rid of it altogether. But I have to go so here it stands.


Iambic pentameter isn't, you see?
It's amphibrachic tetrameter, obviously.
So Shakespeare and Marlowe, when waxing poetic
Could not get all meta and keep their aesthetic.

Iambs and trochees and dactyls are fun
When they needed a footing, but not the right one
And though they'd deny it in secret they used it
To write dirty limericks for their own amusement.

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I've never been this creative when I had insomnia! This is great!

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This is incredible in (at least) two ways. How the heck do you write a round? And, second, how the heck do you do it with words like "amphibrachic" -- (of which I was entirely ignorant before listening to this song!!! : ) ) I really enjoyed this at several levels.

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No my rare insomnia usually pops out trite little love songs. This is a mile from that! Volume #2 music theory. Wow

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This is pretty awesome. I always love the way you layer vocals on top of vocals and doing it in rounds make it all the more amazing. Has an almost old English minstrel feel to my ear. Love it

Absolutely spot-on. The thing is, when it's four in the morning and you're still trying to get to sleep, this is exactly the sort of thing that one's brain can quite easily spend half an hour picking at. And it would probably do it in the form of a round, too, just as you've done here.

Oh, for a good night's sleep!