Brane Damage

Brane Damage

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Liner Notes: 

My last couple of songs have been kind of moody and atmospheric. So now it must be time to do something up-tempo and over the top. The title is just dreadful pun. Then, of course, I had to come up with some lyrics that fit.


The day they let him in
The researchers on a whim
Let him loose in the reactor
To let him sink or swim
With the theory that he had
Which seemed to them quite mad
To research the quantum brane
In the high energy lab

But in time they grew concerned
When concerning him they learned
That his theory, though insane
Might still see them all get burned
Cos his plan to split the brane
Which he carefully explained
Was no madman's flight of fancy
But was something that might work

So they went over his head
Tried to kill the project dead
But administration backed him
He was promising, they said
That some million dollar deals
Will pay for all the meals
With every new advance
From the secrets he reveals

So he acted unrestrained
And he broke the quantum brane
All the secrets of the universe
He said were there contained
But the universe fought back
With some positive feedback
And reality unravelled
When that damaged brane collapsed

And now its all over
Reality has cracked
Into a maelstrom of quantum chaos
And there's no going back

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guitar based rock doesnt get much better than this, love those bass lines and even the lyrics are good,

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Digging the riffage.
Some really cool phrases on that awesome sounding guitar.
Nice chugs during the verse.
Liking the drums and bassline.
Organ is a nice touch.
GREAT change at 3:17 or so.
Yeah that bass is killing.
Very cool grooving track!