Having fun in public without paying (is true anarchy)

Having fun in public without paying (is true anarchy)

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Liner Notes: 

Given how well my summer's going so far, I don't know how many of these I'm going to be able to come back and add demos to, but what I had in mind was six vocal parts in parallel fifths.


We dressed in all our finery
We saw the dance club, saw the line and we
Crossed the street into the park
Six punks slow-dancing in the dark

No cover charge, no trod on toes
No stains from someone else's booze
No ringing ears, no splitting heads
No pickup lines you wish were dead

Just six punks humming, swaying, free
My love, my friends, the stars, and me
Spinning and weaving through the trees
Cuddling to keep warm in the breeze

We had fun in a public space
Didn't ask permission, didn't have to pay
Did nothing normal but nothing wrong
Dancing outside the club to our own little song

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Yes brings back memories of just hanging out. I hope this one gets music.

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Punk with harmonies? Bad Religion! Biggrin But even Graffin couldn't pull off 6 parts in parallel fifths! You gotta do this one, I can't even begin to imagine what it will sound like. Smile and the lyrics are fabulous.