Fred Mertz Blues

Fred Mertz Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Was having one of those 'wow, I'm getting old(er)' moments, and thought up the title phrase (from a reference that's even older then I am.. anyone that doesn't know it?)

and the rest just kind of wrote itself

did some fingerstyle blues playin on a resonator guitar, (not a particularly great one, but it does have a little bit of that res-feel)


edit- Aug 19- added harmonica...


I got old, how’d that happen
Who knows, ask the capt’n
My vigor and my vim have gone from bright to dim
I got the fred mertz blues

I was a newborn babe in the woods
Now im wondering if I still could
My energy source could use a little more force
I got the fred mertz blues

Bridge- I thought the journey would be going at a constant speed
But time is moving faster then I need

Oldest in the room, ain’t that a kick
You never look at clocks, I hear em tick
My hearing is problematic, there’s a lot more static
I got the fred mertz blues

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Perfect! The title/hook conveys so much to many of us! Love your vocal jump! Sweet! Fun verses that hit home. Love this insightful and personal perspective song on aging!

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Reading the lyrics...I can totally relate to this. Great rhymes and storytelling. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...vocals sound good. Good melody and vocals. Definitely has a blues groove. Nice bridge. My hearing is Mine too. Awesome, great song Mike!

Oh, I know the feeling here, for sure (even if I had to Google who Fred was). Each verse had me grinning but in particular the line "You never look at clocks, I hear em tick" is classic. And I'm sure the things tick faster these days than they used to!

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Yup, I'm pickin' up what yer layin' down here for sure.
You may be the first person in the universe to mention Fred Mertz in a song, so good for you!
Great playing and humorous lyrics.
Well done!

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I looked up Fred Mertz - ah, now I see!
There was a period when I was a kid on summer vacation where I discovered I Love Lucy, and I wouldn't miss it for those three months. Lost touch with it after that, but always watch if I come across it while surfing through.
I didn't know "mertz" was a term to describe such things as bumblingness and stuff.
Anyway, digging the sound of your guitar and method here - works well for the bright quality of your voice. Well sung, gives off a playful but also sad vibe. Lyrics help with that - getting older is sad for a lot of folks...myself included Smile
"Oldest in the room..." - I remember realizing this as I was in a studio once, and it hit me kinda hard.

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Came across this one in the demos updated thread. And I know who Fred Mertz is/was! So I feel this song in a few ways.
Nifty guitar and harmonica playing. Great song!