Aria in 16 steps

Aria in 16 steps

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Liner Notes: 

This song was made using only a Volca Sample playing a single sample!

The Volca is playing the same sample every 16 steps, but in each step the sample is pitched to a different note, from C to D+2. What you hear in the beginning of the song is the Volca playing the 16 notes, for 2 bars. I then turned on the "step jump" mode of the Volca Sample, which allows me to jump to one of the 16 steps, effectively playing notes. If I keep the step pressed, the note will keep playing every step (it jumps to itself!), and if I keep multiple steps selected, it will arpeggiate between them.

You can see it in action here:



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That is really cool! I love the progression and evolution. Much appreciate your liner notes on process too. Great sound on a melody that evokes anticipation.

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This is a wild sound! I love the sequencer feel of this sound and the way you play around with different arpeggios. Hypnotic!