Rooster Blues

Rooster Blues




Liner Notes: 

Cindy asked if I would be interested in doing a blues tune about a Rooster. Thing is, I kinda hate chickens ever since as a little girl my Granny's mean ass chickens would chase me around and try to peck me. So when I read the lyrics, I was all for fryin that rooster up!


Rooster Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

That rooster is always crowin'
Every day at the crack of dawn
Sometimes he crows at midnight
I think he's the devil's spawn

Crowing sounds

That rooster, he's a mean one
Best not look him in the eyes
He struts around like he's king
Can't wait til that rooster dies

Crowing sounds

He's gettin' on my last nerve
He's anything but sweet
I thought about fryin' him up
But he's too tough to eat

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cindyrella's picture

OMG VAL!! I am laughing and clapping and the need to pee again!! This is a national treasure!!

Chip Withrow's picture

Yeah! I'm giving a second listen now. Fun lyrics ("too tough to eat" is a great line, but they are all good.)
What a lively Val performance! Didn't know of your uke-ing skills.
I'm a big fan of roosters. The roosters I've come across understand me, and I get them, too.

kahlo2013's picture

Fun light blues feel and great vocals! Great uke playing! Love all the rooster songs. Fun lyric!

Fuzzy's picture

Great great uke work here.
Yeah, I got a bunch of rooster stories after having backyard chickens for 20 years.
Those relentless rooster crows made me laugh.
A really fun song to go with my coffee this morning!

crisp1's picture

The roosters crowing in there just make it so fun. What a great little ditty!

zxcvbnm's picture

I love it, sign up that rooster he is great!

johnstaples's picture

That is some mighty fine and mighty fun rooster blues! Cindy's lyrics perfectly describe these evil creatures! Love this, "I thought about fryin' him up / But he's too tough to eat"!! And Val's ukulele blues skills are second to none! Great playing and singing and those rooster sounds really are the icing on this delightful cake! Nice work Cindy and Val!

Jerry Pettit's picture

Great collab, you two. VERY nice heartfelt uke and vocal part there--super! Are those "human" roosters?

marvsmooth's picture

“Does he ever shut up...” Hahaha Lol

I’ve already commented about Cindy’s great lyrics, and I’ve got to say that you absolutely got the blues vibe I was thinking of, Val.

I love this so much, with the music, crowing, and the vocal is so good, with it’s thrown in bits telling how much that rooster is ticking you off!


PS - you did well getting the rooster to perform such a great solo by the way (great editing)!

Klaus's picture

Never thought blues could be this much fun. Great strong vocals and really nice ukulele strumming. It's the rooster crowing that elevates this to whole another level though. Bodacious collab you two! Smile

kc5's picture

Ha! Love the sound effects! Great vocals on this. Lyrics make me chuckle. I've had my one-time experience with a rooster....sheesh! put holes in my guitar case and a few holes in my leg as well!