I Mean What I Say

I Mean What I Say

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Liner Notes: 

This is a collaboration between myself (Amanda), June Biancalana (not 50/90) and the amazing Mr Steven Guiles @Steven Wesley Guiles.
The vocals in this version are Steven, and the instruments are being played by both June and Steven.
The lyrics are mine (Amanda).

It was completely written this week, and the idea originated within GYAWS, with a collab betwen June and myself (Amanda). Once we had a very rough demo, we decided to ask Steven if he'd be interested in the production, and maybe some vox too. He agreed Smile So a second version was born, which is the one you hear here. This is NOT the finished version, just a kinda rough mock up of the idea and how we want it to go Smile But we decided that we would be bold and post to GYAWS and 50/90 as is Smile
We will polish and tweak it after the fact.

You'll notice that this draft version only contains 2 of the 3 verses, and doesn't have the bridge. This is because this is kinda like a 'sketch' of where we want this to go. The final version will contain all the lyrics, and probably some lyric tweaks. It will also have a much shorter intro.

We are also thinking of recording 2 versions; 1 with Steven's vocals, and 1 with June's. Once this happens I will post June's vox version seperately.

Feedback gratefully appreciated Smile


There's a dark cloud ahead but I ain't going that way
Cus' I'm leaving you behind, all the ache and the rage
I'm leaving you

You ain't gonna fool me with acting all sweet
You ain't gonna beat me with all your conceit
I'm outta here

Just listen to me I mean what I say
Don't turn away cus I mean what I say

Bridge kinda thingy
Don't wait for me I won't be back
There's nothing left
I'm outta the storm
I owe no debt an I ain't gonnna sweat

Just listen to me I mean what I say
Don't turn away cus I mean what I say

I know what you're up to when you think I'm asleep
I know where you go when I'm out on the street
I won't be back

Just listen to me I mean what I say
Don't turn away cus I mean what I say

(not written yet...)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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good use of distortion especially on the vocals, which have a superlatively snotty attitude, loce the aggression comng from every corner of the arrangement,

Loud, dirty guitars with distorted vocals. What's not to like? Lyrics have attitude and the music matches. I dog it.

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Wonderful groove and love those guitars! Has a wonderful live feel! Love the melody line and the vocals on this! Powerful catchy chorus and strong delivery of a great hook! Well written and performed! That ending guitar riff with the cymbal crashes is quite nice!

As a demo as you frame it out, I get it, it works and understand the project. You ask for feedback: since is a demo and just mapped out, it's going to be "tight" in how they can be, until "learned" and the relaxation shows in the more before/after beat hits that provide the organic feel of some one just "telling a story" not explaining it, -- if makes sense, I hope. When that "dirtyness" comes in, it'll sound the same, but with that something glued looseness, hahhh Smile Uno!? Clear as mud aye!

My opinion is, on songs like this, shorter is better and nearly "scream-sung" at as fast a tempo as makes sense. Again, all that, -- is what happens anyway when beyond a "demo" as you already explained. So, this really ended at "I get it, it works", and what that means, -- from me. But, only because you specified "feedback" Wink wanted. O M G Wink hahhh