Piano Piece 7 18 19

Piano Piece 7 18 19

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Liner Notes: 

random thoughts from my fingers



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Your fingers think very well! This makes me feel better just to listen to it. Lovely!

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Beautiful, calming and sounds very spontaneous. It still seems to have structures. It also sounds very American but I can't really say why. Smile

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Oh I love the tempo and phrasing here and the interplay of the bass and treble cleft lines. It moves but yet has plenty of space for contemplation. Really lovely!

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Lovely, quietly majestic. I like the idea of random thoughts that the fingers uncover.
I like the left hand backdrop you create for the colors of the right hand.
I can't wait to get to the family piano (in Cincinnati at my sister's house, by the way) this weekend and play and record a bit. It will be out of tune but that's OK!

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Cincinnati!!!??? That's where I am! You know there's an NSAI songwriting group that meets here the 4th Monday of every month, (7pm - 10pm). Currently we meet at Jancoa in Norwood, but we're looking for a new location as they are moving Jancoa downtown in September. Come join us in August! It's free!