Doggone Hot Blues

Doggone Hot Blues

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Missouri is in a heatwave. Yesterday the temp was 97 with a heat index of 111 so I thought I'd write about it Needs some blues music.


Doggone Hot Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I'm sweatin' buckets
I'm pourin' outta every pore
I've known many a hot day
But ain't seen it like this before

I'm surely miserable
Honey, I can't catch my breath
If I don't get cooled down
I'm gonna burn to death

They're sayin' it on the radio
They're tellin' it on the news
My whole town's got
The doggone hot blues
We got the doggone hot blues

I'm wantin' a lake or a pool
Cause even my hair is drippin'
I'm gonna pour over my ice tea
Cause I'm way past any sippin'

Repeat chorus

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So that's the Texas summer went, cause it sure ain't here. I've been feeling like a don't even live in Texas anymore. We've actually had rain and below 100 degree temps this summer. Sorry y'all got our weather. Hey, if you pour the tea on your face instead of drinking it, at least you won't have to to the bathroom. Smile

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Nice! We're getting this heat wave in the next couple of days in Michigan (and I've got to play a gig at a street fair on Saturday, not looking forward to that!). Hey, do you mind if I make a stab at a demo?