PBR (half empty)

PBR (half empty)

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Liner Notes: 

Tried some different tricks to create structure here. Maxed out my instrument tracks in Cubase layering drums and synths together. Doesn't quite feel like a finished work to me yet, but it goes to some interesting places, and I'm done working on it for now.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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There are some very cool sound combinations in this... a lot going on. I can definitely hear how much layering you included. It's cool that you're using some minimalist techniques, but yeah. Minimalism is hard to make sound finished unless it goes on for half an hour or more. I enjoyed it.

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The title got me interested, I'm just that kinda guy.

Love the percussive stuff, a bit of trash can tonality that's very appealing. Actually a lot of the voices have a cool tonality. The video game chirps are interesting, but what I really like are the deep washes of factory noise underneath, or trucks passing, or whatever the source of those big deep sounds is.

Cute outro. This was a fun listen.

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This is so full and rich of layers and the wonderful depth and interplay of lines that the half empty seems like a misnomer... it is so full on intensely wonderful! Really enjoyed my listen!

This is *dense* - so many fascinating sound choices and the amount of layering you build up means that they interact with each other in interesting ways. It almost seems unfair to call this minimalism, given the amount of stuff going on!

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Killed me right away - I think I am a sucker for that specific cowbell sound.
Percussion heavy with some low sweeping...I dunno...PRESENCE.
Layers and layers and layers, there's always something to hear. HA! Love the bit (no pun intended) at the end!
An experimental piece that I actually enjoyed, kudos to trying these different tricks.
The mix of big drums and bit drums/sounds will always have me intrigued to listen.