Cheese Popcorn

Cheese Popcorn

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Liner Notes: 

Aaaaaand, RIGHT back to my silly electronic stuff...
Oh well, I guess this is my life now Smile
I was kinda feeling blah, so I just sat back in the chair and started banging keys - the melody came out.
Then randomly browsing and found a poppy sound that was called "butterypop" or something funny and popcorn-related like that, so I just made it the basis of the song.
Played around with it in different rhythms.
Made simple drums to drive the track along.
Some pads, textures, silly stuff, its time for dinner (that I won't be burning tonight).
What can I say, I like making upbeat and kinda fun stuff that feels familiar but still kinda different.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I think your description is very accurate. This has a fun and lighthearted feel to it, but there's enough interesting stuff going on with the rhythms and textures to make it a legit song. Very well produced and nice, dynamic arrangement. Also I love the samples! You always choose great ones.

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Yes, definitely has a popcorn popping sound. Lots of interesting stuff going on, nice variety. Fun!

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Somehow this does evoke popcorn! A fun and catchy listen.

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Cool intro...bells and now pads. I have the headset on so I hear something going bing on the sides. Now the drums are kicking. Nice melody. This is fun. A bit of a change up now. Love that electronic riff. Nice pause after the solid beat. Drums are back now and sounds really good. Pads again and this is a head-shaker tune. Tapping along too. Nice outro. Good one!

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Yes!!! This pops with such a fun and delightful interplay of layers! Great timing and evolution of lines!

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The panning on this gives me that ASMR feel. I do like the layers of synth you pile on. Makes this very fun. Also makes me want some cheese popcorn. Stuff is delicious. Biggrin

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That is so cool!

That’s a great clav riff on this, alongside a perfect drum program, and some really sweet keyboard work.

So good!

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I wish I knew how you made the sound of your initial "popcorn" beat weave in and out of this track! Are you just automating it with volume? This recording totally fullfills the happy, bouncy vibe. Would have to be careful eating popcorn while listening though..choking hazard from all the bouncing around. You have your last quarter of songs so sorted! I always look forward to the 3/4 mark.