Ain't Been Practicin' Blues

Ain't Been Practicin' Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I wasn't gonna post this one. Not really a song...just something I needed to do...let me explain:
This is what happens when you don't practice your instrument, kids.
I've never really been in a situation where I needed to play the blues; when I played at church, we played more modern, urbanish, gospel stuff. And I've dabbled here and there with the 12-bar format with varying success, but nothing I've really ever wanted to share.
So I'm putting this up as a reminder to myself, and as an expose` of myself that I don't spend enough time with my instrument. I sit down and its always "let's fire up the DAW and do whatever!" I can't remember the last time I just sat at my big Yamaha and just...played. (deleted a whole rant against myself lol)
So this is just a short janky junky messy raw bit of 12-bar. Because why not.
A rhodes patch and a guitar patch. Yeah I did play to a metronome but its still off - again, lack of practice...smh
But hey, this is the perfect place to put yourself out there and just keep making stuff, yeah?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


jcollins's picture your song tags. I just picked up a guitar for the first time since February last week and my hands are soft. The same thing with the DAWs, way out of touch and everything has to be relearned. Ok, I will take a listen now...hold. Cool intro...defintely a 1 4 5 blues. Sounds polished to me. Now bass and blues chop keys. I hear a soft jazz the guitar sounds really cool. Ah, bummer it ended...I was really getting into that. Keep working on's really good.

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a little remixing and youll have a decent basic track for a jazzy blues for a hot summer day.

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Sheesh, your liner notes had me set up for a really bad track. Ain't that! The Rhodes patch is very cool sounding, takin' me back a ways. If you slide the guitar track back a few ticks, it'll be right in the pocket. It's a good track. Sit around and play like that for a couple of evenings and you'll be right back in the groove. Let's hear more.

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Good Lord, am I picking up what you're laying down. You know how good I'd be if I hadn't started and stopped so much???
12 bar blues are the best! I like how you change it up every so often. Keep it up!

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That Rhodes groove is really nice. Blues changes? No need ever to apologize for that.

Zero 7 could have made an excellent song out of this basic thing. Yeah, an actual guitar might have been cool, but I can hear what you'e after. It's clear.