Stay With Me

Stay With Me

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Liner Notes: 

The bones of this had been sitting around already and it came on as I was listening to stuff at work.
I decided to change things up and finish it.
The drums, synth vox, and some transitions got updated.
I had forgotten about my vocoder plugin!!! So I messed around with that a bit more, changing up some of the vocal melodies.
Song was pretty static before so I tried to give a bit more life.
Still not finished. Would want to come up with better transitions, drops, and some drum fills, and I'd definitely want the vamp to be more epic by maybe bringing in some big pads and airy synths to swell with the backing melody.


i need you to
i want you to
oh baby won't you stay with me

stay with me tonight
stay with me

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Really good mate. Excellent production. Everything roles together nicely.

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i like the vocoder here laying some long lines across those heavy beats, also the synth in double time gives some exciting momentum.

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Vocoder on top of sythesized vox: The sum of the two effects is very pleasing. This is a very catchy, danceable pop jam.

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Really cool vibe and vocal effects! You’ve inspired me!

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ooo i like that fade out at the end! I like the ideas of what more you want to do with the song. It's definitely missing your signature 3/4 crescendo moves. Wink

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Nice dance pop production sound. Like that main arpeggio that drives the song. Vocal treatment gives the song a distinctive feel.