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Charles Mackay

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Charles Mackay

Liner Notes: 

Did some experimenting with this ... recorded the bass acoustically (it's a semi-hollow) and brought the pitch down 20% so that it sounds like someone else is singing (a refreshing change!).


Yves St Laurent he say what's wrong
Charles Mackay he say OK
Jennifer Beals she say your wheels
are coming off

You took umbrage
and left garbage
You took a fence
and put it back

You felt insulted
when not consulted
by your parents
before conception

Yves St Laurent he say what's wrong
Charles Mackay he say OK
Jennifer Beals she say your wheels
are coming off

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billwhite51's picture

many new things happening here besides the lowering of the bass and vocals. i like those sweeping overhead synthesizor sounds as well, i am always drawn into the perpetual reinvention of your musical identity,

Frances Smith's picture

That's delightfully weird and mysterious sounding. Great experiment, all sounds very deep and meaningful.

coolparadiso's picture

Clever as always. Clever particularly as it makes you really listen to it! Always good to see what you are going to do.

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Interesting lyrics! The first part looks catchy to me but let me hear the audio now. Hold. Cool bass intro. Vocals quite unique. I hear the percussions...that's cool. Strings now. I heard some unique music today but this might top everything I've heard so far this year. Vocal echo outro. Cool stuff!

Fuzzy's picture

Pitch shift is my best friend.
Great experimental piece.
A poetry reading by undead beatniks.

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You made me laugh hard. Again. The drums and strings are great adds. Great idea. I love: he say okay. The whole chorus is addictive to hear again and again.

Klaus's picture

I like that you're still experimenting and find new and fresh sonic territories to explore.
Yes, some people are born feeling insulted. But there is also a serious existential question there. Or it feels like it.
I first thought the "OK" was a reference to South Park but after googling found out McKay was an Irish poet. Very interesting music and sounds. This is bonza! Smile

Silver Machine's picture

Crikey mate, you are busy erasing the boundaries of music this year, with an extremely creative approach to your music.
Love the sounds you've made for this. The pitch shifted vocal really gives a completely new interest, and the double bass like sound with the weird marimba and strings is real nice. You are a natural successor to Beefheart with your lyrics.