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Liner Notes: 

The songs I write feel like they're channeled through me and I'm just the midwife delivering the song. Songs have messages from something bigger than me and I'm grateful for the newest batch of songs that are coming from a place of gratitude. This life is a gift and I'm grateful for the whole tapestry of experience. The joy and sorrow all have their place in the journey.

I recorded this in the staff space at Omega Institute so it felt vulnerable playing this in front of people when I wasn't sure what was going to come out. I often have the bones of a song ready to go and when I do a recording there is a bit of improvisation and experimenting.


Bless these imperfections
All these course corrections
Have brought you
To right here, right now

All your wounds and flaws
Are cracks in the wall
That let the light in
So you may see

Your scrapes and scars
Shine brighter than stars
You are stronger
Than you realize you are

Your body is a gift
Every curve, every twist
Every dimple and pimple
Is bliss

Do you love what’s reflected
In the mirror, it’s perfection
Gazing right back at you

All the blame and shame
Falls away, falls away
You are worthy
And deserving
To be here

Don’t give up
You are needed
Stand up
When you feel defeated
You’re enough
To walk through the flames
And come out OK
To hold all the joy in life
As well as the pain

You’re are radiant as the sun
And you’ve only just begun
To share your light
With the world

Each breath is so sweet
Your heart keeps the beat
In tune with each new moment

Your mind is a diamond
That’s realizing
You are the most precious gift to the world
You are the most precious gift

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This is beautiful. Really positive lyrics and a sweeping melody. Really solid guitar and the birds are a nice touch!

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masterful writing and singing puts this positive message across. if we can hold ourselvees in the same regard as we hold the beauty of art and music, we will be doing all right.

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I continue to say - you have real talent. Your lyrics, music and delivery all have that clever light and shade that makes it so interesting. Lovely track this!

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Oh yes a truely beautiful lyric
real thoughfulness here
a very well crafted write
and the guitar melody stunning
great heartfelt vocal
and the meaning behind it all
was there in every line

I tip my hat to you sir, wonderful

Hope you do collabs, and see something of mine you like to sprinkle that magic


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I think you got it all covered. You're an encourager for sure! At the same time I think the words of this song would probably melt the hearts of every woman in existence!

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I think you mentioned Audiomack in a thread, so it was interesting to get re-directed there, since til now I hadn't been there.
Great song! You've got it going on - confident singing and strumming. Incredible lyrics - vivid and evocative. And your voice takes care singing them. Amazing.

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Great message and wonderful metaphors. Really thought-provoking lyrics. It's all very vivid and inspiring. And the vocal really amplifies the message on a gentle, deeper level with the melody and strumming of the guitar.

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Songs do indeed get beamed down to you from above, I have heard a lot of songwriters say this. This song is great anyway, I love the guitar part and I enjoy your sense of melody and falsetto stuff.