Living Life on the Road

Living Life on the Road

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Liner Notes: 

Chose a guitar loop I liked and let it inspire a picture which I then developed into the lyric and melody. Supposed to be a metaphor for a life in pursuit of some sort of nebulous goal.


Living Life on the Road
Susan Cantey © 2019

I’m on the road.
My journey’s just begun.
I need a friend.
Perhaps you’re the one

I’ve heard a rumor
That down this road there’s gold,
The future calls me,
What will unfold?

Ba da la da,
Ba da la da la da,
Ba da la da,
Ba da la da la da,
Living life on the road
Living life on the road

I see a mountain
Covered with snow,
Let’s stop for coffee
Before we go

Up the steep highway
Into the fog,
We’ll survive the coldness
If we move on


Bridge – guitar solo

Heading down the mountain,
Leave the ice and snow,
Headed for the desert
Where lies the gold

Starry nights with glaring eyes,
Days of burning sand,
Feel like I could move the world
If I had a place to stand


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billwhite51's picture

nice neo western groove. the harmonies on the chorus surprised me, lifting the song into a whole other sonic realm from which it never descended,

cindyrella's picture

I was a bit surprised too with the chorus, but I shouldn't be because you are so prolific. Great song!

benjo's picture

Oh yeah life on the road
you express this lyric so well
and that chorus just smacks
a nice song here

Yes, like what -- Bill said Smile

The guitar loop, in how it was made, had allot of crispness, which added to the likewise, "crispness" of the vocals as well. It's a great demo that could be taken in a number of directions, -- always a nice thing!

AndyGetch's picture

Good movement with lots of room in the arrangement for a full band sound.

atitlan's picture

Unusual to have a non-word chorus hook, but the 'ba da la da' vocal works brilliantly. Nice take on the life as a road trip theme.