Noise Tri Seq

Noise Tri Seq

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Ooh, such beepy goodness!
Beep beep beep!
Appealing piano line floating above the busyness of the backing track.
The echoey robot trumpet is great, too.
Good job!

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I dig the synth and the piano floating over it. It's like a robot and human blues duet. The warbly echo lead is a cool sound too

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Nice beat...electronic sound. Keys now...sounds good. Definitely toe-tapping stuff here. Solo melody now...nice. Yeah, this is good, I like it.

I saw Terry Riley in concert recently. He's 83, and still performing with an obvious passion and joy for music that was humbling to see. If he ever jammed with Jean-Michel Jarre's band, I can imagine it sounding something like this. Love that underlying (and very Riley-esque) sequencer. Good stuff!