Study My Body

Study My Body

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Study my body
With your hands
Show the dedication
This education demands

Taste my skin
With tongue and lips
And trace your nails
Along my hips

This lesson of yours
Will take all night
You will not rest
Before the light.

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The command form is quite effective, as is the almost spell-like rhythm of your lyric - color me hot and bothered!

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Like the rhymes of 'dedication' and 'education'.

Also 'taste' and 'trace' good placement.

I don't like 'night' and 'light' as much. It's been done before. Is there a way you could express the same sentiment in different words?


Whoa! That is sex-E! Very hot. Study my body is a fantastic line that sets a great mood for the piece.

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You always bring hips into it. Oh my god, I love that so much...

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Yes - you're a hip person. I, too, noticed that! This thing is smokin' hot sexy.