I Go and Go and Go

I Go and Go and Go

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Liner Notes: 

After the umpteenth time to the bathroom today, I decided to write a little song about it Smile


I Go and Go and Go
© 2019 Cindy Prince

First it is my coffee
I have it every morn
But the trail to my bathroom
Is starting to get worn

Then it's my juice
It is so fruity and good
But it can run through me
Faster than I ever thought it could

I go and go and go
I pee and pee and pee
Is it the aging process
Or the coffee, juice and tea?

Hold it in
Walk fast
Let go a gush
Go back
Don't forget to flush

Next comes a little wine
Or perhaps some other liquor
Then I have to run really fast
Cause it goes through even quicker

Repeat chorus

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a unique song - you have gone into an area most songwriters would fear to splash about in. I could say your lyrics flow almost unstoppably Smile But behind the humour, this is a well-structured, good, storytelling song. There are nice changes of rhythm and a great choice of words to describe the subject matter. If it's OK with you I would like to do some music for this. I could do it in the key of pee sharp :). Apologies, I am not, as we say here in the UK, taking the piss! I will have some music for this excellent song ready in a tinkle! Just hold on! Gosh I feel quite flushed with all those puns, must have been a flash in the pan. OK that's it - I promise no more toilet related remarks ......... music is in the pipeline!! (It really is, I've got the chords, just need to cross my legs and ...............

I so completely relate to this song. I always have to go way more than anyone else. I just love that you made a song of it! These are the things great songs are made of. Smile If Roddy wasn't already putting this to music, I would.

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That would be awesome! But I might get too excited and have to pee again!

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Sure! I just got home from a trip to get my son's first car.

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welcome to the aging world. I have an app on my phone for my wife , which tells you where all the public toilets are!! a real life story told here!!!

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Hi, I've got most of my version of the song worked out but have been asked to go and sit in playing on a few local gigs doing hip hop and fire piano beats - this is way outside my comfort zone and so need to spend some time researching what on earth this means! Will post the song in a few days.