Many little gods

Many little gods

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6 Many little gods - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

Hit a bit of a wall already, so shaking things loose with a silly one. I'm not really a polytheist but the phrase "many little gods" came up in conversation and it amused me. Fun with rhyming...and insulting every religion. Um, sorry Biggrin

The family thing is because my people (Vietnamese) believe in ancestor worship. Grandpa's over there on the altar.


Hail many little gods
Not just one, two or three
No I believe in plenty, oh the whole goddamn tree
Yo Allah and Jehovah
And when I stub my toe
I’ll even give a holler to J effing C
They may say I’m going to hell, oh well
At least I have a choice of which it’ll be

Keep your panties on
No need to carry on
It’s just the gayest polytheist crazy pantheon
Many little gods for you
And many gods for me

Hallelujah to Garuda
Praise be to Sainte Marie
Isis, Dionysus and Aphrodite
And don’t let me forget
My own blood and flesh
The dearly departed of my family tree
They may say I’m going to hell, oh well
At least I have a choice of which it’ll be


My faith might seem heretical
Debased or so pathetical
Perhaps it’s antithetical to canon and creed
It ain’t quite monastical
It ain’t ecclesiastical
It’s pretty darn fantastical and just what I need

I praise the god of buttered toast
I praise the god of bubble tea
Sometimes I pray to the god in my TV
Praise the god of dogs
Praise the god of bees
The one I like the most is the god of blasphemy
They may say I’m going to hell, oh well
At least I have a choice of which it’ll be


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You had me at blasphemy!
I like the style-- a ukey-blues with a touch of Gilbert & Sullivan in the bridge. So much fun.

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Ha, this is charming and delightful. I hope it helped to loosen things up for you! I know sometimes writing something silly and fun helps get me out of my own head. Smile

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"Gayest polytheist crazy pantheon" might be my new favorite phrase. For that phrase alone you win 50/90 for me.

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i like all those clever rhymes. i can imagine all those little dieties having a big old square dance in the barn round this song.

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This is great. I love the sound. I love the message. <3

I love my big, crazy, gay pantheon!

(Applauds) A knowing, savvy and very entertaining performance. Those lyrics are glorious and the chorus is a work of genius.

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Mmm...buttered toast...mmmmm... Biggrin The bridge here is outta sight good!