The Boulton Toilet

The Boulton Toilet

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Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy here;

Hey, there!!
How are you doing today?
Well, I hope!

This started as a remix of @Dragondreams' song "Kinaesthesia", found here -

And then during a text conversation @Mosley was describing a dream he had the night before.

So I decided to take the two and mash 'em together.

About 90% of these words are a direct transcription of @Mosley's texts; I just added some details and made it more spoken-word friendly.

This track is mixed for headphones, of course.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love this! What a great story. When the narrator says, very matter-of-factly, that he had no memory of apartments being there before today, I knew something special was afoot. Great delivery and cool, unsettling background music.

That was weird. The music sounds like a horror movie, which works given the nightmarish filth in the dream. I'm certain toilet dreams mean something significant. Maybe Mosley should look into that. Smile Excellent sounds on this track. Nicely done.

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My jaw is on the desk!

This is all kinds of awesomely weird/weirdly awesome, and SO creative!

I love it. Biggrin

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And yet again I'm wondering why I don't go into this area of my creativity! This is awesomely weird, guys!

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O.M.G. How have you implanted yourself so well in Mosley's brain? Even knowing what I know, this is FANTASTIC.
Chips and dip? Did I miss that this the first go-around???
I've got to listen again.
And again.
And again!

Did you spell it right???

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Unsettling and odd! All that weird stuff swirling around behind the words is wonderful. I love the idea that the guy broke down in tears because he didn't know how to use the toilet. Reminds me a bit of Ivor Cutler's weird little story songs!

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Growing up with an extremely inhospitable outside toilet, coloured my youthful perception that they were very scary places, full of dungeon-like pipes that made terrifying noises, man eating insects, and deep space temperatures.
This was a reminder to me that these scary toilets still exist.
Very cool to have a harmonium playing in the kharzi though.
A delightfully weird interlude in my otherwise normal day.

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I love this! Now is that a Michael Boulton or John Boulton toilet?

This is taking the normal @Fuzzy levels of weirdness to an entirely new level.The fact that the story has a completely logical underlying premise just makes things an order of magnitude stranger. I totally get the Ivor Cutler vibe here, too - if Ivor had been born in Canada and spent his formative years off his nut on acid, he'd have sounded like this...

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The music made me think of razors. Which would make for uncomfortable toileting. Smile

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This is such a terrific audio-journey. Excellent storytelling, with a wonderfully unsettling soundscape. I can close my eyes and just lose myself in the weird, wonderful majesty of the tale.

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Not something I'd usually listen to, but...I HAD to keep listening.
That's a testament to the way you've executed this. The musical backing was perfect to bring the concentration to the story, but also hold the listener in place.
LOVE the treatment to the voice.
Also love where this came from and how it developed. Creativity to the max...

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Your phrasing and vocal delivery is awesome. The vocal effect is perfect. That backing mix has a great texture and gives it a slightly unsettling feel without being jarring or obviously angular. And a great, unique story to share, too. I was glued throughout.