The Moon Wanes

The Moon Wanes

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Liner Notes: 

After the big, bombastic prog rock epic I wrote yesterday, I've decided to stick with something simple, because I like having dynamics and contrast in an album. So this is just me, a 12 string acoustic, and a bucket-load of reverb.


It was just last night
We met under moonlight
But the moon now wanes
Now the night is dark

No promises were made
Tonight the moon's light fades
And deep down we both know
That there's nothing to say

And the night is dark again
I won't see you there again
But the moon will come again
And I will walk by moonlight

The daytime brings no peace
And there is no relief
Until the nighttime comes
And the moon wanes

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I think simplicity was a good direction to take. An observation I made was that the beginning of the relationship under moonlight was the beginning and now the moon wanes like the relation itself. Normally I would equate newness with a sunrise. The moon would then be the ending of the said newness. I totally dig what you've got here, man.