Cut My Finger

Cut My Finger



Liner Notes: 

Just trying to grease the wheels here. Full disclosure, I had a baked potato with my chicken, but that damn SNL and their broccoli.


Cut my finger on some paper
So I couldn't play my guitar...but
I'm a singer and a thinker
So I gotta uke so I can be a star


But I got hungry....

So in the kitchen I found some chicken
Cooked it up with broccoli
Broccoli, broccoli
SNL ain't got nothing on me


Now times may have changed
With my guitar in the wangs
That's right wangs like my chicken
But who cares anyway
This song is really strange
I'm just gonna play my ukulele


So to recap..
Cut my phalange and it hurt me
So I couldn't play my guitar
But my ukulele is what saved me
I play it for you like I'm a star

Chicken wangs

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cindyrella's picture

Ha ha! What an original song and such fun! Smiled all the way through! Love it

billwhite51's picture

this goofy song cracked me up. it serves a s a warning to what can happen to a guitar player when she picks up a ukelele,

kahlo2013's picture

From knock your socks off rock star diva and belt it out beautiful ballad songwriter/singer to.... a silly delightfully quirky uke folky? Either the uke has magical powers on you or the spices you put on your chicken and broccoli/potato were ‘happy oregano and basil’. Seriously this is fun and you run with it so well!

cts's picture

Oooo brocoli! Haha! Love it! A few times I thought you were channeling Elvis because you twanged just a bit like he used to. Always good to hear a song infused with humor.

Fuzzy's picture

Your tags got me listening.
Great vocal delivery, and of course I'll always listen to a ukulele.
Really nice lyrics; I like hearing about real-life stuff.
As much as I dislike Dana Carvey, that broccoli skit is one of my favourites.
Really good work!!

alyxanderjames's picture

What is it about the ukulele that makes me want to bob my head and dance along? Haha, this is great! (Sorry about your finger!)

barbara's picture

The rhymes are adorable in this, mainly due to your delivery. Kept me smiling. And I loved that last shoutout to ‘Chicken Wangs’.
(I’m dating myself with this, but actually the first thing I thought of on reading your notes re: SNL and cut finger was Aykroyd’s Julia Child / French Chef sketch. I’m very glad to hear yours was just a paper cut. Hard to get too mangled by paper, but it sure hurts!)

tcelliott's picture

You should take this one to the stage. It'd be great to hear you do this one live. You have me smiling throughout but especially on the broccoli verse. And the recap.. and all the other parts.

helen's picture

I do not get the SNL/Broccoli reference. I love the "Oooh" chorus. It works really well against the uke. Nicely done. Glad you had that uke to fill in for your guitar while you heal.