La Luna Me Cuida (The Moon Takes Care of Me)

La Luna Me Cuida (The Moon Takes Care of Me)

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to do Corinne's usual 3 pm Sunday skirmish yesterday, but I knew I'd be out of the house. When I got home, I checked in and saw the prompt but I was too tired to get anything decent going.
Today I was listening to an old Allman Brothers blues song and thought, "I'd like to do something like that on ukulele." Then I thought, "It should be a moon song." Finally, "And it should be in Spanish."
So here you are - I don't want to tag it skirmish because it was a full day in the making, but that's how it started.


Pérdida y encontrada
Oscura, ahora brillante
Siempre estaba allí

Una cara amistosa
Me sonríe
En una noche solitaria

La luna, la luna
Ella me cuida
Estoy seguro de que

Lost and found
Dark now bright
It was always there

A friendly face
Smiles at me
On a lonely night

The moon, the moon
Takes care of me
I am sure of that

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The Maine Farmer's Almanac first published "Indian" names for the full Moons in the 1930's. According to this almanac, as the full Moon in July and the first full Moon of Summer, the Algonquin tribes in what is now the Eastern USA called this full Moon the Buck Moon. Early Summer is normally when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. They also called this the Thunder Moon because of early Summer's frequent thunderstorms.

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Love the gentle sound of your uke playing and vocals on this beautiful song. The lyrics are so poetic and I love the sound of any of the Romance languages so the Spanish adds to the beauty of the song.

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Sounds good. Didn't catch all the lyrics but I got the general idea. Well done long skirmish. Hey, they're done when they're done, sort of like pan dulce..

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Reading the lyrics now....I don't speak Spanish but it looks good. I did get the luna though. Yeah, this is nice lyrics. Ready for the audio now and looking forward...hold. Nice Uke intro...sweet little riff there. Vocals sound good...I actually can understand most of the Spanish lyrics. That riff again for the outro. Very nice Chip!

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This is just about the sweetest song I've heard in quite some time! "Una cara amistosa; Me sonríe". I melted. Not sure if it was the words or your delivery or what, but I'm completely digging it. Listened three times! Smile

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I don’t speak Spanish but I liked the simplicity of what I read in the English lyrics. There is definitely a romantic vibe to this ode to the moon.

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Hola, lo siento hablo y entiendo solo un poco español. Creo que tus palabras son muy bien, Buen hecho

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Enjoyed the bluesy vibe of the uke a lot. I lived in Spain for a few years and your last word (que) should really be "eso" if you ever decide to re-record this. Nice little tune!

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Love those blues licks on the uke, well done! The Spanish is sweet as well. You've reminded me I should try to do a foreign language song this 50/90 Smile