Here's to Twenty More Years

Here's to Twenty More Years

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Liner Notes: 

Dave and I recently celebrated the 19th anniversary of our first date. 19's a dumb number, but it inspired me to write this song, but change it to twenty. LOL


Here’s to Twenty More Years
Susan Cantey © 2019

Sunny day,
Tea for two,
Life with you,
Fish and chips,
Leave a tip,
Tea to go,
Enjoying it…so!

Here’s to twenty more years, dear,
Here’s to twenty more years,
Today I love you even more
Than twenty years ago…

Scenic route,
Trees fly by,
Not a cloud
In the sky,
Turn down our street,
Pull in the drive,
Our little piece
Of paradise…


Instrumental Interlude – piano solo

Pull the shades,
Turn out the lights,
The moon declares
Another night,
Lie with me
And tell me more,
Say it’s me
You’ll always


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cindyrella's picture

Aww, sweet! Happy Anniversary of your first date. So sincere and full of love.

Roddy's picture

Cool! Such a jazz feel. Great singing. I find the words very touching

kahlo2013's picture

Oh this is so gorgeous for so many reasons! I love the jazzy feel, I love the sentiment, I love the fact that it is 19 years for you, and of course I love your compositions and music sensitivity and sensibility! And vocals are always so effortless and spot on. So congrats on your anniversary and on this lovely song!

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Can't wait til next FAWM 50/90. Twenty has to be something else, based on this one.

nateger's picture

Really lovely song! Lyrically it's very sweet and honest. Your voice soars with sweetness. I dig the strummy chord pattern and the gentle brush drums sound great. As each new sonic element enter the song elevates. Beautiful job Smile