Moon Over Miami

Moon Over Miami

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Liner Notes: 

A day late for the Sunday skirmish but couldn't resist the challenge! The deeper I got into this song - the more like Betty Boop I wanted to sing it! I may actually really ham it up and re-sing it at a later date. Thoughts?

The biggest time waster was setting myself up for perfect or near rhymes in my verses based on the first line of each...if I had more time I could probably have come up with something better but where's the fun in that? I almost used Alabami instead of Atlanta but thought that would throw the tone somewhat. And Sahara - I got lucky to find Nevada...seesh...

Anyhoo! I digress into song geekdom! Biggrin


(c) 2019 Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved

I wanna see the moon over Miami
Clouds over New York
The sun over Atlanta
Stars of Baltimore
Oh won’t you take my hand darling
And show me the world

I wanna see the pigeons in Paris
The fountains in Rome
Museums in Athens
The lakes in Stockholm
Oh won’t you take my hand darling
And show me the world

I ain’t seen nothing but these four walls
Got no souvenirs no memories at all
I need a traveller a rambler a street wiser
Who can guide me

I wanna touch the sand on the Sahara
Grass on the Plains
Climb a mountain in Nevada
Leave footprints every place
Oh won’t you take my hand darling
And show me the
take my hand darling
And show me the world

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Nice trip around the world! Lots of great rhymes. I think Sawyer Brown has a song with this title. You probably don't want to come to Nevada now as it is 110 degrees outside right now. I will listen to the audio now...hold. Nice singing and melody. Good guitar playing. Bridge works nicely. Love the outro. Very good song I like it. Smile

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You go all over and with such finesse! I love the guitar and your performance. Good one!

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I'm in Broadway theatre thanks to you! What a gorgeous and instantly likable song! Your vocals and playing are so wonderful to listen to. Thank you Georgie.

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lovely - what a great skirmish, i love your delivery and there are some great lines in this round the world trip. love the progression too. top job!

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What a pretty song idea and well-executed as well. Cheers!

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This is so cute Smile I was sat here listening trying to think of a place rhyming with Miami for you lol How about Kilkenny (in Ireland) ? Love the song Smile

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Another moon song! I'm trying to listen to as many as I can, and yours is awesome!
Everything about this song absolutely delights me. Guitar/vocal is absolutely the right way to express yourself here.
I live two hours from Miami, and I've never been.

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Ooh, it’s like watching a show!

Bring on the muted trumpet solo...

What a cracking song. I listened twice to this for those great lyrics, chords, and performance!