He Had More Water!

He Had More Water!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this song was inspired by "It Was A Wet Dream" song. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


He Had More Water

He Had More Water
He saw a lot of it on the street
He Had More Water
It came from his side of the creek

He is blinking back at a flood
His shoes are covered in mud
His breathing became very shallow
As a stream rushed in the windows


He saw neighbors jumping in boats
They showed him how to float
This weather had tricked him into Hell
After he is leaving his house

He can't have it no longer
He Had More Water
The flood is much stronger
He Had More Water

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Timely and topical. I've got family just outside of New Orleans. I'm getting tired of these floods of biblical proportion.

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Yeah, the flooding is crazy this year in the midwest and south. I can see it clearly in your visual writing. His shoes are covered in mud and the boat float rhyme is excellent. Good job on this!