It Was A Wet Dream!

It Was A Wet Dream!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, my great friend Jerry and I wrote this new song. This guy is keeping this dream to himself lol. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry here: I took a shot a an audio demo. This one was done in Ableton Live. The vocals make me cringe but that's normal. Thanks for listening.

Update: This song has been updated to version 2 July 27, 2019


It Was A Wet Dream

He had a flood at his old place
He had to jump into a boat
Moving at fast pace
Then it tried to float
There was grass around the creek
On the other side of the street
It happened 20 years ago today
When the water washed his house away

It Was A Wet Dream
But he remembers what he seen
It Was A Wet Dream
His attention was on that stream

His breathing became very shallow
As he was leaving the house
Like on a swamp rose mallow
But he forgot to tell his spouse
It Was A Wet Dream
He woke up all wet
But he could not scream
Then he saw Nicollete

Now his weather is very dry
That flood isn't sticking around
He is blinking at the sunlight
Then he calmed down

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Interesting lines of water related imagery and metaphors in here to describe his nightmare. Thank goodness it was all a dream!

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. I just played your demo for "It Was A Wet Dream" it sounds awesome I like it. You did an excellent job.

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I enjoyed reading those lyrics before my listen
hey man this is one of those songs where your tongue is firmly in your cheek
ha ha
nice write

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This is really cool song. That was one weird wet dream. I'm happy he finally calmed down. And Jerry did fine job with the music. Acoustic rock is just right for this.

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I always root for the "Jerrys" (and I have a brother who goes by "Jimmy" that I had breakfast with yesterday). Nice "turn" on this song. Got a chuckle--nice job, Jerry and Jimmy! (That's so much fun to say!) Great guitar solo!

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Haha, hilarious lyrics! Really nice job with this demo, I like the drums and the way the chorus comes in with those cymbals. Great melody as well and a catchy strong chorus.

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This was extremely unexpected for the theme of Wet Dream..., and a very unpleasant at that. But the song is otherwise pleasant! good work.