Wilderness is a Necessity

Wilderness is a Necessity

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Liner Notes: 

I came across a John Muir quote “ that prompted a song. Needs music and vocals.

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”
― John Muir, Our National Parks


The Wilderness is a Necessity
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Concrete cities
Rising high
Brick buildings
Reach the sky

Barren landscapes
Vacant lots
Miles of emptiness
Unkempt spots

Pre chorus
Muir said it elegantly
Wilderness is a necessity

Giant trees sway in the breeze
Paths wind and turn
Clear and pristine mountain scenes
Hillsides of soft green ferns
Wide open prairies free and airy
Wilderness is what we yearn

Mow it down
Trim it back
Pave it over
Make dirt track
Cut it down
Build even more
Buy weed eater
And new lawnmower

Rows of old cars
Empty streets
Old theaters
With vacant seats

Miles of plastic
Torn down towns
Dead landscapes
Turning brown

Repeat pre chorus and chorus

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Very good writing. Honest and sincere. John Muir came from Dunbar here in Scotland and one anecdote I really like is that one night his father said to him and to his brother - don't do your homework tonight - we're leaving for America in the morning! He said t was the best news that any child could hear (It was quoted in Scots but that was the sense of it). He also said that at one point he found he could wake up an hour earlier each morning and this was wonderful because it gave him an extra hour for reading and working. Then he went held on to be an adviser to the President and helped set up the National Parks in the USA. You have captured the spirit of his writing and works with this song.

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And that's why I live in the country.
I prefer trees to people.
Great lyrics here; Muir would be proud.

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Drawn in by the title. Love the bridge: mow it over, trim it back... This is serene and tragic, fitting and captivating. Nice work here.

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I like this--the images and those short, explosive lines. I hear it in a sort of punk vein. Scream with me: Mow it down! Trim it back!

I kind of like Muir's word (wildness) better, especially for a punk song Smile