The Passage Of Time

The Passage Of Time

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Liner Notes: 

In the early days, I was content to put out any old thing just for the sake of finishing 50/90. But these days, I don't want to compromise on quality. If I can come up with 50 songs as best I can do them, then I'll be happy. So this one is a progressive rock epic that weighs in at seven minutes. I've spent two whole days working on this.

This is somewhat inspired by the Australian band, Masters Apprentices.


Once in the day
I had plenty of time
To get lost in daydreams
To explore every line
I had all those days before me
To become whatever I'd be
There was time

Every thought in my head
Every plan in my heart
Every truth I could find
Seemed in reach of my art
I had all those days before me
To become what I'd be
Followed every whim in my head
Walked the road wherever it lead
There was time

But now it appears
That I've misplaced those years
All those thoughts that I had
Seem to fade before me

All those misplaced years
All that wasted time
Seems to bare down on me
Now that time is growing short

All the time that has past
Grows dim in my mind
All those things that I did
Seem to fade from memory

And every now and then
In some dusty corner
I'll discover old work
That I don't remember

As I sit here
I will read some old words
Some concept long forgotten
In the dust of my mind

I don't remember writing this
Bit it doesn't seem so bad
It just faded in my mind
With the passage of time

Let's throw caution to the wind
Now the years have gone by
Rediscover my dreams
Now it's my turn to fly
I have all these days before me
To be whatever I'll be
I have time

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This is epic! I like the 70's vibe, acoustic jangly guitars, the hard rock riffing and the double lead guitars too. But there is a touching song here too, the first section being really strong. Good lyrics and they made me think that I should have time to listen to this song. And I did, a couple of times actually!

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Reading the lyrics...nice storytelling. In the dust of my mind...nice. Good write and love the last line "I have time". I will listen to the audio now...hold. Like the groove...good vocals. I had all those days before me...nice. Guitar change up...sounds great. Good drums. The vocals are key here in my opinion. Melody is very strong. Guitar solo...sounds great. I don't remember...nice. Guitar change More singing...sounds good. More guitars...very good and back with the vocals. Good mix on this as I have the headphones on. Nice finish, well done!

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Nicely done - has a ballad proclaimers feel to it! Nice lyrics with a nice slow paced delivery! Nice.