Brokedown Palace

Brokedown Palace

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Liner Notes: 

While brainstorming at Donnie's place, we were reminiscing about how broke we were when we decided to move in together. There were some good time and not-so-good times. We were both starving artists to some extent. Even though we fantasized what making it big would be like, we also understood the trappings we could possibly fall prey to. When it was all said and done, we both weren't too keen on making it big.

We may not have time to make a demo, but if anyone is willing to give their interpretation, feel free.


Here we r in the southern sphere
Hoping 1 day 2 get out of here
There's something else calling our name
Begging us 2 choose wealth and fame
But that would mean taking a risk
And moving out of our comfort zone
Maybe live in the back of our car
But a hundred dollars doesn't go that far
So we settle 4 the southern sphere
Still hoping 2 get out of here

Living in a broke-down palace
With no window of opportunity (4 the sun 2 shine through)
Living in a broke-down palace
Wondering if we'll ever break through

Well I've heard that all before
About how we all want more
Yet we don't know what "it" is
But it's got something 2 do with show biz
Maybe write a musical play
Or be the latest on the funky Broadway
Yet and still it really doesn't pay
New York they say is expensive these days
So it's back 2 the southern sphere
Hoping 1 day 2 get out of here


U and me got 2 make a plan
And when we do we've got 2 take a stand
Can't let it bring us down
If it doesn't come the 1st time around
If we try and don't give up
Maybe then that'll be enough
2 get us out of the southern sphere
And then the walls will disappear
Then we'll see the sun
And the world will treat us right
With all the thrills of a Saturday night
And when it's all said and done
We'll be just like everyone
With no purpose and no sense of doubt
Of what life is really about
And then we'll leave that place behind
Trying 2 find that peace of mind
Trying 2 find it in a broke-down palace

Maybe show biz is not what we're meant 2 do...

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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Wow, what a great story! Very interesting and fascinating to read. I hear your vocals. Now I need to hear your demo in full. Please let me know when it's up. Can't wait to hear it.

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Nice way of telling the story and the chorus s absolutely brilliant. I think this is for the lonley busker in a corner of a dark smokey bar. GReat job

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I can really relate to the "chasing the dream" theme in this. I hope someone puts music to it. (Maybe it could be part of a musical play?)

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nicely done! its a great slice-of-artistic life, whether to chase the dream, and at what cost, etc...