Almighty God (warning, contains critical content)

Almighty God (warning, contains critical content)

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Liner Notes: 

The evidential problem of evil as William Rowe presented it -- as distinguished from the logical problem of evil -- says that while the existence of evil is not logically inconsistent with God's existence, it makes God's existence less likely. This argument seems correct to me. Rowe's "friendly atheism" (also introduced in the 1979 essay in which he presented the evidential argument) also seems correct to me. #H2"></a> Not looking for a theological or philosophical debate; the muse speaks and out come the songs. Smile


Almighty God
You aren't looking very good
I see the world
Filled with hate and filled with sorrow
You might decide
It's isn't worth the pain and trouble

Please don't believe
Everyone has faith in you
Something you said
Made it seem like you aren't happy
All in our minds
It isn't worth the pain and trouble

I find it easy
I find it good
I find the reason
You really should
There is a road
There is a road less traveled by

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if there is a god whp created the world, 95% of that world has been cleared out and replaced with the creations of mankind, so let put the blame where it belongs. if there is evil in the world, then it is man that does not exist, good song. but too short.

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This rocks along quite nicely, with a sincerity to the vocals and a melodicism to the guitars that, whether one agrees with the argument in the lyrics or not, makes this an involving, interesting and enjoyable listen. Because the philosophically inclined rock too! Biggrin

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Now I'm gonna be thinking about THIS all night (or until the next distraction) with that killer riff stuck in my head.

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Thats a Great song. Great rock vibe. Think its a good message but as a I do t belive in God or That there exist evil or good in The essen e of humanity and that humana are The creators of good and evil this is a perfect song for me.

Good song, we’ll done, we’ll. Done well enough to be taken seriously and get these folks to comment, - prima facia.

It’s not even a theological debate, but this is more agnostic than atheist who like Freud says “pretend”, Smile hahhh. — Otherwise denominational Wink hahhh!

Free Will, it’s a holistic truth, goes to Bill’s comment in my mind. So, anyway I love when folks can *still comment like this rather than draw “lines”, (helps me keep the “Faith”) — how it should be.

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I know better than to debate philosophy with you. Smile
I like the warm and fuzzy feel to this. It sounds like more of a discussion than a debate or a lecture, which is what turns most people off to discussing these types of topics. Unfortunately, we're much to selfish of a species to have civilized conversations, and that selfishness will bite us in the a** in the end. C'est la vie!

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What is "good" and what is "evil"?
Good and evil are entirely subjective.
So is anything really good or evil?
Depends on your outlook.
So do good and evil even exist?
Depends on your outlook.

Great tune here.
So much rokkin' goodness.
(Or so much rokkin' evil, depending on your outlook...)

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An interesting philosophical question in a slick rockin' package.

I'm reading "God is not great" by Christopher Hitchens at the moment, so this resonates. That "No" at the end of each verse is so, so powerful.

Love the octave solo, too!