See The Positive

See The Positive

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Liner Notes: 

I decided to play the creative whack pack challenge @Pearlmanhattan posted. I got a card "See the positive". Basically about seeing past the new and weird and scary and potentially negative stuff, and see the positives - it may give you a completely different feeling about stuff.
To emphasize the weird and "i'm not sure how I feel about that" feeling, I used my robo voice thing and gave the intro an uneasy-but-not-completely vibe; its like the robots are telling a human to give them a chance, to look past all the usual fears and anxiety about technology and maybe they'll become friends.
I dunno lol
Intro made up of a bunch of whirring and beeping and stuff with a lead up.
I wanted a busy rhythm so I layered a bunch of different kits and interlaced some rhythms. I picked a rhythmic gated pad and some sparkly eletricy computery arpeggio stuff to sprinkle about.
Used my synthvox to sing what the robovoice was saying.
I wanted something positive to say and I feel that these simple lyrics convey that, yes? No?
Anyway, hope somebody gets some good vibes from it.


I know it does not feel good
But try to see past the negative
And once you open your eyes
I hope you will see the positive

You are a good human being
You should not bear the negative
Reach within your wonderful mind
And focus on the positive

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Compu-mecha-funkpunk at its finest, all herky-jerky and strange but also with a solid rhythmic core. Your synthivoices sound swell, and the words have meaning in this computer age. A unique creation, and also utterly cool.

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Probably my fav if yours so far. Very full complete song. Interesting changes all the way through. Kept me interested all the way.

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I love this! Great rhythm, lovely keyboard textures, and wonderful lyrics, put over with a great vocal effect!

Awesome song! “Focus on the positive!” Words to live by Smile