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Liner Notes: 

Late night talk swagger talk at an after party. There was a napkin passed back and forth with innuendos on the front and back. The last line was written by her stating: "before it's all over you will howl like a wolf."

We'll see...



You're like a Hostess cupcake with extra "ohh"
I tried to taste your cream
But you changed your mind and said, "no"
I could show you things that'll get you wired
Treat you like you were love for hire
I know that you would say I am a liar
If I didn't have thigh creme desire

Let me take you to the bridge....

You look so good
It's a crime - you're a felon
Big, plump breasts so ripe like a watermelon
I want to make you spin about like a car peels on tires
All because I have that thigh creme desire
I wanna see the wetness glisten on your thigh
It puts me in a state
It makes me feel I'm high
I want to taste the center of your cream
Place my tongue right there
Until I hear you scream

and if you let me, let me take you higher
You'll understand my thigh creme desire


2019 TJF_Afterdark

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it is encouraging to see that Prince isnt the only one who is drawn to this kind of material for song ideas.

OdilonGreen's picture

Great first line! Great off-kilter semi-space-funk! Great production! Great sound and vocals! Greatly odd, perhaps, but also greatly entertaining. A great song, all around!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Lovely erotical touch and very well performed sexy lyrics. AS usuall super produced.

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With the drum pattern, bassline, and rhythm guitar, I got a Frankie Beverly vibe.
Then you break up the rhythm and leave perfect room for the spoken word. Excellent backing guitar hits and rim stick rhythm for a very nice groove.
Love the strings.
I'm not one for spoken word, but I must say this sounds great. You hit the vibe you were going for, both vocally and musically.
...'Afterdark', indeed!

jcollins's picture

Reading the lyrics...very nicely written. Lots of great rhymes and story here. Ready for the audio...hold. Cool drum intro. Love the groove....vocals all the sound effects going on the side. Vocals....oh my Barry White would love this. Nice finish. Yeah, this is an amazing track, well done!

benjo's picture

Oh yeah this is sex on paper
I love the delivery and tone in your voice
a cracking lyric full of desire
and music was perfect
a great combination here

kahlo2013's picture

erotic and ethereal and evocative !
well executed !

Drive By Love Fest's picture

great rhyming in this song. love the whispered "take it to the bridge". The vocal delivery matches the instrumentation great!

writeandwrong's picture

Ha!! Oh this is incredible!! Superbly written and love the story of how it came to be. Another super collaboration here. Love the funky feel! A+++