The Moon Over Galway Bay

The Moon Over Galway Bay

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Liner Notes: 

I started this a couple hours at least after Corinne's Sunday evening (GMT) skirmish was meant to start - apologies but I was planting out beetroot in the tunnel, and watering everything, feeding cats and chickens and so on...
Anyways, took me just under the hour, about 50 mins I think.

I decided on the title first, starting out intending to do a real old fashioned Irish trad piece. It morphed a little into a trad Irish fairy song lol

Thank you for reading Smile

15th July UPDATE @coreystewart is going to create a demo for these lyrics Smile I can't wait !

Corey says: I suppose this is my take on an Irish-esque tune but the lyrics were so evocative the melody pretty much wrote itself. I thought I would go with an acoustic guitar 6/8 timing and some sparse percussion. Nice and simple, I'm really proud of it Smile


When I sleep in the moon of a sultry midsummer
In the heat of the Irish sun
When at midnight there's still a faint glimmer of light
The fairy life it's just begun

Blue daisies glow naked in pea green soft beds
Spider she weaves a new web
When a dainty wee lass with opaque wings of glass
Flies gently where butterflies tread

Oh how cool it would be
If we could just see
The wee folk that call themselves fay
Oh I wish I was free
To play with such glee
With the moon o'er Galway Bay

There are boats of such colour you'd never believe
That are painted by ladies at night
They float under the moon where their path is bestrewn
With a trail of pure gossamer white

Oh how cool it would be
If we could just see
The wee folk that call themselves fay
Oh I wish I was free
To play with such glee
With the moon o'er Galway Bay

Oh I wish I was free
To play with such glee
With the moon o'er Galway Bay

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Very fine. Your rich language paints a classic picture. It sounds just as you intended. Great job AND...the cats got fed!

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That is a fine wee write. I was singing a melody in me head, I was. You captured the form well.

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Beautiful, very nicely set lyrics, amazing to read and to imagine them sang. Hope to hear them soon.

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Lovely lyrics. A real fairy story from Ireland. I loved Galway when I visited a few years ago, didn’t see any fairies though.

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Oh, I like this. The Irish Sun is so descriptive... Now I want to visit Galway Bay

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Oh Amanda, you certainly have a knack describing things so eloquently. I had the chance in my younger days to travel to Ireland but decided not to go and reading your lyric has made me regret that decision even more now. Just wondering if no-one else has offered, may I put some music to this?

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My only experience hearing any Irish tunes are on movies/tv - but they always sound melancholy no matter the subject matter. Even when everyone is drinking or dancing or having a great time, there's something about the words and the accent and the heartiness of it that still feels sad. Or..maybe I'M just a sad sack! lol
Anyway, your lyrics, even though just words, SOUND beautiful. Its as if I can faintly hear them being sung, far far away where people are gathered and having fun together, but I'm out in a field under the moon. I take it "fay" is fairies?
Yeah, little points of light all around like fireflies. Great, great visuals and feel to these lyrics!

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It makes it's own melody and rhythm. Not today. I'll be back in August if they haven't been hornswoggled.

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I was gonna ask about possibly putting some music to this but I see someone already bagged it before me Fool

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nice skirmish Amanda, and i am glad i haven't got round to commenting on the skirmish entries till now so i caught the musicified version, both are lovely. I listened to this with Richard Dadd paintings in my head! nicely done both of you

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This is nicely written Amanda and nicely portrayed by Corey! What a team eh? Great skirmish!

benjo's picture

Well what a stunning piece
fantastic lyrics a great base
for a great song
really enjoyed both
what a match

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This is now a favorite collab for me so far this 50/90! This pairing is just perfection

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I love the folk rock feel to this, though I grew up hearing different fae stories. It’s got so much nostalgia! I love the waltz feel that’s so uptempo it’s almost a jig. And the descriptive... with the moon over Galway Bay! I can’t believe this was a skirmish!

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VERY nice collab. That's a lot of fine lyrics for 50 minutes work. Great job interpreting them--very nice vocal over an equally nice guitar.

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Wonderful lyric and now set to music beautifully by Corey. A great example of what makes these challenges so awesome. Congrats, you two!