Moon Over the Lake

Moon Over the Lake

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Liner Notes: 


Host @corinne54
Prompt: Moon
Thank you Corinne for the inspiring theme. Here is my piano piece. If anyone hears lyrics/voals/other instruments/has other ideas for collaboration please let me know. I love collaborating. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Lovely melody. I like the call and response in the B section. Nicely done.

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Gorgeous. You've got such emotion in your playing, which conjures up so many beautiful, peaceful pictures in my head. Now I just wanna find a lake, and sit there all night and gaze at everything. Sigh...
Do you happen to record an actual piano, or do you use a keyboard? I have an old upright that is super hard to record, so I'm always looking for tips.

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Beautiful! Love to hear your piano. I was sitting my a still lake today, and this piece captures how I felt.

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Remembering your piano pieces, I was glad to see you did this prompt.
And yep, beautiful! lol
Your playing allows my mind freedom to think what it wants regarding the moon, but your melodies carry it gently wherever it wants to go.
This is perfect

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Very pretty piece. I see the countryside and the lake! Nice job!

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Very pretty piano playing. Such a delicate melody playing through the background rhythm of the lower piano notes.

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Now that is a beautiful melody. I like this one a lot.

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Beautiful peice. Really moves about envoking images of the moon beaming onto a lake.

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This is beyond gorgeous! I could listen over and over again. I might come up with some lyric-as soon as my stomach stops hurting.

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Oh Nadia - this is my favourite of yours so far this 5090. I don't even feel qualified to say anything about it except that it moved me. I started off life as a pianist as my mother was a piano teacher. The importance of touch was something that was drummed into me from an early age but so difficult to teach. It's a pleasure listening to you play!

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beautiful. i can imagine the sparkle of the moonlight on the lake, rolls along so gently and sits so nicely, i agree that that little call response type echo is particularly lovely. beautiful playing and excellent skirmish!

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Nadia this is so pretty. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. It is inspiring to listen to your pieces

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Nadia this is really beautiful! It is enchanting and alluring! It is soothing yet sad in a way. I really loved my listen! Great write!!

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OOoooh...this is a PURTY one! Nice job Nadia. This is even better than what I'm used to hearing from you--the year has been good for you!

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Stunningly beautiful Nadia! It brings up images of nature in the dead of night. As the music goes on I see images of that moon lit lake, with long grass blowing in the breeze . I love the peace that your music creates.

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Liquid tranquility, exquisite. Doubtful that words would make it better, in my opinion!

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The acclaim above is well deserved. So very pensive and pretty, captures each little skip of the beam of light on each little ripple in the water. Great to hear your towering talent again, my friend. Hugs to you.

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So soothing and capable of carrying one away into restful mindful ease.