Move To The Moon

Move To The Moon

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Liner Notes: 

Went 17 minutes over.
I haven't done the 1hr thing in a while, and this was difficult.
First off for those that weren't here last year - I am not a singer, do not have any delusion that I can even KINDA sing, or anything like that. I do use my own vocals every blue moon (heh...moon...) cause I have no vocalist in my pocket, and I'm still hesitant to reach out to the community for vocals.
Plus, this was a skirmish so I had to get it done quick.
I need to spend more time practicing writing...these lyrics were all I could come up with in the given time and even that took me way too long.
Participating in more skirmishes is something I need.
And I want to WRITE more songs, have lyrics (and maybe vox) to go with my instrumental stuff, that's something I want to practice during this 50/90.
Anyway - everything here is just rough and raw so I could get it recorded and exported.
Started with piano to get some kind of key and accomp, then played around with a melody. The structure is incomplete and jump from verse to chorus (i GUESS that's a chorus..) to the vamp.
It was too bare with just the piano, needed some percussion and I also added some pads and little spacy synths to emphasize the moon.
I'm learning to stop bashing my music, plus this was a skirmish, so I'm just gonna leave it at that.


I wanna spend my days with you
Getting sand in our shoes
lay around and watch cartoons
rocket over the moon with you

what am i supposed to do
when just the sight of you makes me swoon
and i bet if you moved out to the moon
then i'd move to the moon over you

la la la la la la la la
move to the moon over you

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These words are so sweet and fun. Love the "lay around and watch cartoons line"

I really like the music - and there's nothing wrong with your voice! You did a great job on this skirmish!

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Beautiful take on skirmish and beautiful vocals also. You should sing more often. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your vocals, on the contrary they sound wonderful, sweet and unique in a good way, they are very likable.

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This has a good feel to it both lyrically and musically. It is a very workable core. Don't underestimate yourself.

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This has loads of promise. I really like the lyric that you have so far. Have you considered collaborating ? I don't do vocals, but I can write lyrics, tweak lyrics etc Smile

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I like your vocal here... Do it more and I bet you'll like it more. This was pretty darn cool and 17 over isn't much compared to some of our efforts in the past. That's a cool rhythm and the keyboard and synth combination works very well.

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This is really good. I think we all do “rough n ready” on timed writing challenges. Vocals sound good, I’m no singer myself but have no one else for things like this. So I’m of the “give it a go” school of thought.
Loved the cartoons line. Excellent lob.

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i was bracing myself for your vocals after reading your liner notes and surprised at your fantastic vocals, what do you mean you can't sing!? i love the lazy groove of this, daydreamy, great skirmish

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Aww so romantic. Some choice lines here - loved the 'getting sand in our shoes' image and the moving to the moon over you declaration of love. Sigh! Ahhhh so sweet

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This is so lovely!

I love the music on this, the lyrics, and I think your voice works wonderfully on it!

I just wish that it was the 12” mix Smile

The part were the sight of her makes you swoon, and if she moved to the moon, then you’d move right o er there to be with her... So romantic!

Nice ditty, great lyrics and whoa yer singing! Sounds good, nice track overall well done.

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cool feel to this one, very nice thoughtful and and chilled out.