Big Moon

Big Moon

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Liner Notes: 


host corinne54
prompt Moon

The melody rhythm is from "There's a big moon over the world tonight, There for all to see". Didn't come up with much else. Maybe because the FB Songskirmish and everything on TV this week is also about the moon. Celebrating 50 years.

EDIT. I was not at all satisfied with the track I made within the skirmish time frame. I have worked on it some more. All the elements of the original track remain in some form. New elements have been added along with more production work.

Guitar: '73 Fender Stratocaster
thru '78 Marshall Mk II


I didn't sing on this but you may if you like:

There's a big moon over the world tonight
There for all to see
There's a big moon over the world tonight
Follow where it leads.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Magical layers of moon beams! Love the low drum beat that creates the pulse and the layers that build and weave on top of it. The synth sounds are great especially the take off kind of swoosh as one is listening thinking about the moon! Nice!

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I love that sound in the intro - it reminds me of one of my favorite wrestler's intro theme (yeah i like wrastlin' lol) - Ember Moon.
Anyway, quite the cosmic vibe here while still being minimal. The thumping kick keeps me engaged and I get an upbeat feel from it; that little lead doing that short melody also lends to a playfulness.
What is that quote from?

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I've been enjoying all the moon hype the last couple of weeks too. Such interesting stuff!
I've never walked on the moon, but it's on my list. I imagine this is what it would sound like. I especially like the bit you added at about :33.
I know it was a skirmish, so time was in factor, but I wish this was longer!

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Brilliant instrumental, impossible to sit still, the music makes us want to dance or to move with the beat. Very dynamic piece. I like the instrumentation. I think it's perfect for a movie scene.

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Didn't know the FB skirmish was about the Moon! I should have known that! Oops!

This is nice and extraterrestrial-ish! Groovy sounds that capture a bit of that 50's-60's sci-fi sound.

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This is a really cool piece of music. The various sounds that weave in and out add to the unusual flavour throughout, and the sense of not knowing what comes next.

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Very cool. Great choice of synths used. The intro has a nice retro sci-fi sound.

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I like the rhythm sound quite a bit. Those synth swells are killer.

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cool instrumental, very solid sounding. i love the frizzy whoosh, like a rocket

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Ooh! This has lots of points of interest in the soundscape. Nice job!