Moon Over My Nubbins

Moon Over My Nubbins

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Liner Notes: 

my friend Kate from college who i havent spoken to for nearly 30 years until this did this as an over the phone as a collaboration. - she is joining in on the phone you may be able to hear.


down at the disco i was digging the beat
but i danced so much that i ruined my feet
moon over my nubbins cos i can't stand for dancing

grooving to green onions
till it gave me bunions

i was doing the hustle
and i think i pulled a muscle
moon over my nubbins cos i can't stand for dancing

dancing to scissor sisters
until it gave me blisters

rollin rollin rollin to limp bizkit
limpin limpin limpin why did i risk it
moon over my nubbins cos i can't stand for dancing

don't talk to me about supertramp
dancing to that just gave me supercramp
who knew ymca stood for
your muscles can ache
moon over my nubbins cos i can't stand for dancing

i ordered a sambuka
but only to soak my verucca
gonna sit down do oops upside your head instead
moon over my nubbins cos i can't stand for dancing

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What a fun take on the prompt. I laughed out loud over the "your muscles can ache" lines. And the phone call encouragement/singalong was awesome.

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Hahahaha, great lyrics "dancing to scissor sisters/until it gave me blisters..." THE perfect song for someone like me who has two (non-working) left feet Smile

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This is GREAT! Your poor feet! I want to comment on every line, but that would take me quite awhile. It's all so awesome!
What a great way to get connected again to a friend. Sounded like a good time!

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Nicely done humorous ode to overindulgence with a nod to the "A is for Abba" game.

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Great writing!
Love what you did with the vocal rhythms.
Glad you got in touch with your bud after all this time, and over music at that. I can hear her quips from the phone, and it gives a cool effect.
Love your lyrics here.

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What a delightfully fun song! OMG - Sambucca and Veruca! Brilliant!

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Ha ha! It was all do simple once, now slow recovery and pain! Nicely done.

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Gotta love that pedal steel geetar in there - great playing !
Seriously, this is really cool, fun and excellent song !

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Wobbie, your songs are always such fun. Lyrically amazing. The backing vocals from your friend just adds to this. I’ll never hear YMCA without thinking of this. Brilliant.

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LOL to supercramp Biggrin Biggrin Too many clever lines to pick out. Genius Wobbie - and for a skirmish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha! Fun song. Great nods to all those songs and bands. Love that limp Bizkit/why did I risk it line. What's really great though is how much y'all are enjoying the song. The energy and fun shine right through. It's a great time.

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Clever and delightfully fun! Great rhymes of old bands with painful maladies! Love that you connected with an old friend to do it! Super song! Catchy melody delivers the hook in a memorable way.

A catchy tune, and the amount of fun I can hear both of you having made me smile. Smile

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Such fun! Clever lyrics, catchy title/hook, and sounds like you had such fun playing and singing.
I got to my moon song late, and I'm just now getting around to hearing everyone else's. Glad I found this one!

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Fun lyrics about not fun situation. Very clever, catchy and interesting. Wonderful singing and playing. Phone collaboration. So cool. And friends united. More collaborations please.

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It sounds like you had a really fun time recording this.
Great chord progression and vocal melody.
Love the phone call in the background.
Your tunes always make me smile, Wobbie, this one especially.

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Hilarious!! I love how your collaborator keeps giggling on the phone. Very clever lyrics. Singable and so delightful.