Moon Over Brooklyn

Moon Over Brooklyn

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote the lyrics while sitting in the park today. Just got home (after riding 3 buses!) to post them now!


Moon Over Brooklyn
Remember me from Dahill Road?
When I was young, the nights were never
This dark or this cold
Moon Over Brooklyn
The stars don't shine like they did then
Wish they were bright and promising
Like that again

City streets were never mean
When we played our games
Red Light, Green Light, Hide and seek
Win or lose, it was all the same

Maybe I've misplaced my sense of fun
Or forgotten how to dream
Perhaps life with its twists and turns
Has lost its glitter and gleam

Moon Over Brooklyn
This will always be my home
How many sights have you seen?
This place is the only one I've known

Moon Over Brooklyn
Bless me with your beams
Let me know it isn't
As hopeless as it seems.

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You've got some good lines. I really like the city streets stanza. But for me the best was the next to last. Especially the last two lines. "How many sights have you seen? This place is the only one I've known" brings it home for me. That sense of belonging mixed with a wanderlust or at least hopeful sense of something better over the hill. This was a good prompt judging from the songs that have been posted so far.

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It's hard not to look back, but we all do it. And the "what might have been" game is so relatable. Such ivid pictures, the night not being as dark, the stars shining brighter, un-mean city streets. I can see it all in my head. And I can feel how wonderful it was then, thus why they want to so desperately go back. Oh man, this one gives me the chills. Good write!

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Well described nostalgia. You used your prompt to advantage. I like this one.

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I feel like knowing you were chilling in the park while writing this gave it even more feeling.
The sentiment is relatable and makes me reflect on my own home and its changes...maybe it was me that changed...?
"The stars don't shine like they did then
Wish they were bright and promising
Like that again"
That's my favorite bit. Sums up so many things...

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This has some really good lines. Painted a real picture! Nice

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A vivid look back into simpler times. I love the idea and your lyrics are so descriptive.
PS: thanks for the prompt.

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That first verse paints such a clear and vivid picture - wonderful writing Smile

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Very nice, and quite poetic and touching! You put into words that woeful contrast that is probably part maturation and part societal degradation. How wonderful to address these thoughts to the moon herself, that friendly constant, listener to all our hopes and dreams.

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nice one. i like the contrast of the stillness of the night and the implied busy city, i guess the stars arent as bright cos the city has more light pollution, and the change over the years, it feels like a lonely walk home of regret and nostalgia in the midst of a busy city. has got a really clear picture and feel. nice skirmish and thanks for hosting

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Ahh nostalgia! How bittersweet it feels. There's a sadness about growing up in these lines that resonates with me. Thanks for the skirmish!

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Quite relatable. Nostalgia has had a hold of me for a while now. You've got so many good lines here.