Sister Moon

Sister Moon

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Liner Notes: 

Got here with less than 10 minutes to go but finished writing and recording in about 30 minutes total, so....
I think I'm gonna come back to the lyric and polish them up a little, but I'm not unhappy with this one on first listen back.


Sister moon will you rise high
Way up in the sky?
Sister moon, I don't know why
Why you never say goodbye
As the world keeps turning on you
Still your light is shining through
Sister moon will you rise high
Way up in the sky?

Sister moon, I need you here
Give me hope that you'll appear
It's cold and dark though the sky is clear
Shine your light on me, my dear
As the world keeps turning on you
Still your light is shining through
Sister moon, I need you here
Give me hope that you'll appear

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This is really good. I don't know if you were going to add more lyrics to it but I love the compact nature of the song and how you can say so much in just over 2 minutes. I can also hear Neil Young doing a version of this (like a sister song to "Harvest Moon") but I think he would do it a little bit slower. Awesome work Smile

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That guitar part is cool. And awesome you could do it mostly clean in such a short amount of time. I bet if you practice it a bit, it would sound frickin amazing!
The driving guitar makes the lyrics pop somehow. Not sure what I mean exactly, but that's what I'm going with it. It's a good thing.
The lyrics, vague and not vague at the same time. Seems like you're singing to both someone specific, and to all of us at the same time. Nice.
I would definitely come back and fill this one in. A lonely, lilting violin over that busy guitar would be cool. Smile

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I like the guitar riff. It really rocks. The lyric "The world keeps turning on you" is a good double entendre. Good rushed skirmish.

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I love the way your melody accentuates the hook! The poetic metaphor is really wonderful. The grove of the guitar and that riff is so catchy! Great emotion in the vocals as the longing comes through so strongly!

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I dig the feel to this, those chords you're strumming sound great.
"Sister Moon"...along with your lyrics and your vocal melodies, this sounds hopeful and dark at the same time.
The melodies are great.
30 minutes....awesome job churning out something with so much feeling and meaning!

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You had some of the same concepts I did in my lyric of cold and dark and hopefulness.

Definitely worth polishing and re-working this one.

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Rocking good take on skirmish, fantastic playing and singing. I feel it works as is but if you decide to change it please let me know, I'm curious to hear it.

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Yeah this is real nice. Good guitar and some really slick lines.

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I think it’s all been said - great song, especially done in such a short time.

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That title and hook is excellent. I've never heard the phrase used before, so great !
I think this song is well worth finishing, it has a certain je ne sais quois.

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wow what a great skirmish! that guitar part is so good. love it, lyrics really strong too, i like the way you chose the moon's phase when you can't see it - has a lovely festival vibe about it. great delivery too, all round top job in such a short time.

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'As the world keeps turning on you' excellent double meaning here! Love it... It's a winner. I always like your melodies Smile

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I dug this one right away!
I like the urgency, the intensity, the nifty guitar flourishes ... this one sounds like it absolutely had to be written and recorded quickly, before it got away. Good one!

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Reading the lyrics now...this is interesting, kind of a morph relationship with the moon and a nun. Well, I don't know but it works, and also some good rhymes and visual. Ok, I'm ready for the audio...hold. Nice guitar intro...vocals and melody sound good. Cool guitar. As the world keeps turning on you...that's cool. Yeah, nice song skirmish.

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Wonderful concept and execution, the chorus, sister moon with the world turning is very impressive and meaningful. I loved it.